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Welcome to APT Recharge - Start Your Own Recharge Company & Website
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 Flight Booking

             Bus Booking Engine

             Domestic Money Transfer

      Recharge & Flight Booking & Bus Booking & Money Transfer Using the Same Wallet.

         Business Opportunity

 Start your own Telecom Company without any huge investment or technical knowledge. We have developed
    the program, its technical side and even tips for your success. All you need to do is find customers those who want to run SMS/Voice Campaign and sell SMS/Voice credits to them.
    SMS/Voice Credits will be given in wholesale price and you can sell them at your own prices to needy customers. You will get a ready made 100% white labelled website
    which works with your own domain or subdomain Your customers' control panel and website is 100% customizable so that nobody will come to know that we are working
    at the backend. No Programming or Technical Skill is required. We have made everything ready and easy for you.
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  You can Start this highly profitable business within 5 minutes & Recharge within 3 Seconds

Lapu Based Recharged VS APT Recharge System

  Our Recharge System is Not Based on Traditional LAPU Based Automate Systems, so please don't try to compare our Service and Support with Companies
  who are providing automated LAPU Based System with Flat Commission Structure

 Our System is Stable & Designed to Support Unlimited Number of Transactions with Instant Recharges (Less than 3 seconds)

Lapu Based Recharge System

APT Recharge System
Required more than 50 seconds to process
one request
Instant Recharges (less than 3 seconds)
Not Authorized by Operators Directly Connected with Operators
Required Many External Hardwares and
No Hardware or Software Required
Success ratio less than 60% More than 99% Success Ratio
Limited Transaction Unlimited Transactions
Need to maintain huge infrastructure No Infrastructure Required
Not Reliable Solution 100% Reliable & Stable Solution
Max 1 Transaction in a Minute 400 – 700 Transaction in a Second

  Multi Recharge API Benefits

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